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We are Bert and Christy, animal-loving teachers. In our aviary lovebirds choose their mates by natural selection, which facilitates the stability and rearing of the chicks. As a result, we can offer strong, vigorous and healthy lovebirds or inseparable ready to be adopted. All our specimens are raised by hand with love, dedication, and dedication. We focus on finding the perfect adoption candidate while making sure to educate you on care, handling, and feeding to facilitate the process of adapting to your new home. This is our ultimate goal. The adoption rate barely covers the expenses in time, care and food until the moment of adoption.

Hi, I’m Bert, as one of my aunts affectionately called me. Profession by profession. A photography enthusiast and a passionate animal lover. As a boy I always wanted to be a vet, I loved researching on all the animals. Years later, back in 1989 in the middle of the special period in Cuba where I am originally from, I had the opportunity to open a small house for the sale of animals. An incipient small company that we named De colores, hinting that “in the middle of the special period, with all the shortages, we laughed at DE COLORES fish. My wife and I raised fish and exotics. Mostly lovebirds, nymphs (cockatiels) and canaries. I was a municipal vice president and active member of the Cuban Ornithological Society for over three years until my departure for Spain. In Spain and with birds brought from Cuba I continued my fondness for exotics, coming to have in a small patio more than five breeding pairs of nymphs (cockatiels). Even in Miami where I reside my passion for exotics has increased. We have more than ten pairs of young lovebirds in a large cage where they choose their partners by natural selection. We let the parents raise the chicks until 21 days. We take them away, feed them and prepare them for adoption. We offer quality birds, bred with love and care. During the adoption process, we focus on the perfect candidate for our pet. We offer tips on how to care for and feed them to facilitate the process of adapting the pet to its new home.