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In general, we can conclude that lovebirds are very friendly birds and that most species are suitable for being kept at home. They are not aggressive, only when they feel threatened is when they can react aggressively. They are cheerful and remain active most of the day looking around and combing their plumage. You will hear them constantly making sounds. When they are calm, lovebirds drop their heads back and pose with their feathers cupped. When they are sad, they stop being active and remain fixed in one place without doing anything and without making any sound. This happens mostly when they are alone in the cage. It is recommended to have them as a couple. His attitude is usually that of a sociable bird that can be with other birds without any problem. The exception could be the Agapornis Personata which is more territorial. These birds are only aggressive when they feel threatened. It is in those moments when they emit sounds louder than normal and uses its beak and claws to defend itself.