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It should be borne in mind that the name of wild or “Papillero” lovebird refers, more exactly, to the way in which a bird of this species has fed and developed during its first days of life. Agapornis “Papillero” is the name used to refer to birds of this species that have been fed from the first days of life by humans.

Usually, this species is removed from its parents between 0 and 25 days and continues feeding under the responsibility of humans until weaning at approximately 60 days. Not only do they have to be removed from the nest and fed, but they require a lot of time, dedication and discipline so that they can develop in the most normal way possible. One of its main characteristics is that it is a very sociable species with humans and other birds.

An important detail to breed a baby lovebird is to create conditions similar to those of a nest. This bird should be in a warm environment and will be fed cereal porridge throughout the day. Normally, a “Papillero” lovebird can be any species in this family of birds.